Making the best of free resources

If you are looking to improve your website ranking within search engines and increase awareness of your business then making best of free resources is alway a good return on your investment!  It costs you nothing! but your website will gain from the additional connections to placing your business details into Google My Business.

Over 1.2 trillion searches are conducted on Google each year, it has become the most common method, worldwide, for people to find information. By putting your company onto Google, you are making it easy for people to find you, and helping them to connect with you.

In today's internet driven world, your customers are accustomed to having essential and fundamental information about a business instantly, at their fingertips.

Information such as: What time are you open?, What services do you offer?, What are your customer reviews like? and essentially, Is this a company that I could do business with?

All of these questions are important for customers to know, and by having this information ready for them, at their fingertips, it makes it easy for them to connect with you and for you to connect with them; building up the relationships that will make your company grow and flourish.

Google My Business is a great tool to use, it allows customers to have access to vital information such opening times and contact information, giving them a quick overview of your services and an easy way to connect with you directly from within their Google Search.

We have created a detailed instruction guide to help you with the process.  Google My Business