Making the most of your features: Social Media Widgets

To start off the ‘Making the most of your features’ series, we will be looking at Social Media Widgets.

Social Media, something we first thought was a passing fad has now become one of the primary ways that we use to communicate with each other, brands and businesses.

At, we realise the importance that social media can have for a business in communicating with its target audience and so we have ensured that connecting your social media accounts to your website is simple and easy.

When considering your marketing mix, if social media has a role in your strategy, then make sure to discuss this with our designers when talking about design. We can implement Facebook and Twitter widgets onto your homepage, allowing for seamless integration between your website and social media presence.

We have specialised design services to help you achieve a professional look to your site, so it is worth taking consideration as to how you may want your social media to be integrated into the design, particularly on the homepage. As the homepage of your website is most often the first page that a user will see when they visit your website, having access to your latest social media posts here can be a good way to keep the homepage fresh and relevant, with constantly updated information feeding in from your social media accounts.

Adding a Facebook ‘Like and Share’ button to each of your various pages is another option worth considering and can be done so easily, as we talk about here: Adding Facebook Like and Share  

By adding a Facebook Like and Share button to each of your pages, particularly on any news or blog pages, you are giving visitors to your website the ability to share the content of your website with their social media networks. If you are providing useful information that helps someone, social media can be a great platform for that information to have the possibility of spreading across the various networks of each person who is sharing the content.

To create information that someone is likely to share, think about your content from a user's view point and whether they would find it worthy of distributing; it can help to keep in mind the following:

Is it helpful and does it provide a tangible solution to their problem? Are you providing that solution in an easy to understand and easy to read format?

Is it emotive? Humans often live by their feelings, if your content can create an emotive response, whether it be amusement, delight, excitement, happiness or another emotion, it can spark an interest that plays to our human nature.

Is it relevant? In regards to the above two points, thinking about your target audience can really help. A great example of this is the ‘Friday Feeling’ trend, whereby businesses and brands post something amusing via social media on Friday. As the week draws to an end and people are making plans for the weekend, light-hearted and fun posts are something that people are more likely to be sharing at this stage of the week. Think about what your target audience may be doing at the time that they are likely to see your posts and this can really help you to come up with something captivating to share. Remember, social media is a social platform.

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