The Website Design Process

The creative team will create a professional look for your site for a one off price. There are various design options to choose from: The Banner design (£99+vat), a Customised Template Layout design (£250+VAT), or Custom Design (£600+vat).

A custom banner will mean the top of your website will have its own unique and professionally designed graphic that can include your choice of text, photos and logos. Our designer will send you a design brief to fill in so that they can understand what you want the banner to look like. You will then receive two different banners to choose from (we can then make slght modifications on the banner). The custom banner is a one off charge of £99+vat.

Customised Template Layout Design

There are 3 different layouts to choose from which can then be customised to your branding and requirements. This will include a mobile version.  Our designers will liaise with you and go through a design brief to ensure that branding and your requirements are achieved.

Custom Design Process

For business that want a completely unique look for their website then the most popular option is the full design which is available from £600+vat.
The full design process involves one of our designers talking with you about what you want the site to look like. You may have a clear idea on the types of graphics and colour schemes that you want the site to include or you may want us to come up with a design concept with you.

During the initial call, our designer will ask you what you want included in the design such as photos and text. We will then create a content concept - this is what each of the pages will look like within your website - you can add your content so is appears within the design.

We will then create a homepage for you which can include a number of different elements. You may want to have rotating graphics, latest twitter feed, news or events appear on the site. If you want rotating graphics then we will create a number of different graphics and can provide a template for you to add further rotating graphics in the future.

The full design process usually takes around 3 weeks to complete and we will schedule the design in once we have received payment for the site.

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