Your Home Page

Home page houseWhen creating your home page, consider your target market, and how you need to communicate to them.   You may be providing products and services to certain markets or to several markets; General Public - Business to Consumer (B2C), Businesses - Business to Business (B2B), Third Sector Organisations (Non Governmental or Non Profit Making).

On your home page you can have various designs and widget applications.  Menu Options are usually placed below your banner at the top of the screen with drop down menus.  We have put together some tips and ideas together for your Home Page that may be useful when choosing how to organise your website information.

Rotator Banner
Utilise this feature and have rotating images that allow you to give 3 or 4 key messages about your business to your audience.

Main Area
The centre or main area of your home page should be your connection with your audience to ideally let them know that your website is for them. So if you are providing services or products to 3 types of market then take the opportunity to    promote how you can provide to them in the terms their sector requires. Let them know you understand their market.

If you are providing a single service or product then promote how the product is relevant to your target market. You may also want to include unique selling points, features,benefits or prices.  If all this is too much to fit into one area then you may want to have bullet point lists that then link into separate pages for Product Features, Product Prices and these pages might also take precedence on the Main Top Menu.

News Feed
Keeping your customers informed of news that is happening within your business or industry is useful.  It is also very useful to include news that is happening in their industry sector, again this gives you added credibility that you are relating to them again.

Twitter Feed
Twitter allows you the facility to broadcast at an instant or even schedule your broadcasts to suit your business. Here you can communication with your prospective or current customer base, keeping them informed of key information.  Using Twitter broadcasting and linking one of your website page address' helps to increase your website viewing.

What's On - Upcoming Events
Here is a great opportunity to promote any up coming events that your business may be holding or promoting within your business or industry.  For your own business events you can link a booking form and a PayPal buy now button to each event.

Log in
If you have intranet or extranet included in your website then let people see the log in area from the home page.  This may be a simple login widget you want to use on the home page or alternatively you may want it to be on the main menu.

Search Box
A search box is a really useful tool to have on the front of your website.  It allows your website visitors to search for items within your website, and highlights the relevant pages containing their search content request. It's an ideal way to get your visitors to the pages they need, making your site easy to navigate and get around.

Logos are normally placed at the bottom of the screen and may include:

  • Quality Assurance Logos
  • Trade Association Logos
  • Business Awards Logos
  • Business Affiliation Logos

Best practice, is to display your business name, address,contact telephone numbers,and also a copy right statement. If you have several branches you may want to list and link them in the footer.

Legal Requirements
It is a legal requirement to state where your business is registered to operate and also the registered business address and your business registration number.  This does not necessarily have to be located in the footer, but does have to be listed on your website somewhere.  If it is not in your footer then general practice is to have it on the Contact Us Page.


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