Your Website Menus have put together this simple list to give you ideas and a suggestion of what you may want to include in your menus and sub menus of your business website.  We appreciate that each business and organisation has different requirements and this is only a suggestion of items and ideas to get you started.

Considering your main menu across the top of your website, try to group your information into relevant menu tabs. Within each menu tab you can create drop down sub-menus which can lead your visitors to further pages.

Choose any link below to give you more ideas and suggestions regarding that menu tab. 

See how easy it is with and view Creating Your Website Menu tutorial

Important Web pages
Webpage icon Your Home Page
Webpage icon Your About Us Page
Webpage icon Your Products Page
Webpage icon Your Services Page
Webpage icon Your News
Webpage icon Your Events
Webpage icon Your Gallery
Webpage icon Your Contact Us Page