Your News

Generating News for your website will develop and build over time.  Stepping back and assessing what is going on in the business helps to focus on what to write about.  If your organisation has several departments then ask one person of each department to suggest something that is happening in the organisation that is worth celebrating and broadcasting. News doesn't have to be in-depth, it has to be relevant and of interest.

Here are a couple of ideas and tips you may want to consider:

Whats happening inside the business:

  • Business Milestones i.e. established 10 years etc..
  • New members of staff joining
  • Investments - New technology or plant
  • Plans for growth
  • New Branches Launch
  • New Products & Launch
  • New services & Launch
  • Customer Survey results
  • New clients won
  • New contracts won
  • Key results achieved
  • New Website
  • Event success

Whats happening outside the business:

  • Sign up to receive free press releases from industry specialists
  • Ask your product suppliers for copies of their press releases to include on your website
  • If you exhibit then exhibition organisers may create press releases for you to use

Always try to include some photography in relation to your article.  This makes for a more interesting viewing and sometimes more eye-catching for people to take interest.

Then don't forget to Tweet or Facebook a strapline of your news article and link it back to your news page on your website.

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