Creating breadcrumbs

Making sure people can find their way around your website is essential which is why having a clear menu structure is key. If you are starting your website or redeveloping your existing site then creating a site map on paper or in a spreadsheet is a useful exercise.

Breadcrumbs typically appear across the top of a web page, usually below title bars and provide links to the parent pages of the one currently being viewed. 

The example below shows how the breadcrumbs are being used. In this example there is a link to the currently viewed section "Things to consider"

Image of website showing breadcrumb example


Each of these breadcrumbs contain links to take the user back to that section making it easier for people to navigation around the website.

Why not try using breadcrumbs on your website to help people find their way around your site.

NOTE: If you use then breadcrumbs are automatically added to the site.

Things to consider
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