Different page layouts

There are various layouts a web page can have and this depends on the type of content that your page contains.

This guide gives you 3 examples of how you might want to layout various pages within your website.

1 - Multiple Columns with Text

A "Who's Who" page will likely have details of different people in your business each with a photo.

For this a table layout may be the best way to display the web page as it allows the photo to display above each persons name, position etc...

Image of page layout with multiple columns and text below images


See our video tutorial on The Web Editor for more on laying out your pages.

2 - Separate columns for text and images

For some content it may be better to have a column to the right or left of the web page where images can be displayed separate to the text.  This column can also then display links to other parts of the website. Columns can be created using tables ( image of table option icon button if you are using Edit.com)

Image of page layout for 2 columns

3 - Text wrapped around images

For most web pages this may be the better way to display images as the text fits nicely alongside your image and becomes part of the web page article.

Image of a page layout with text wrapped around a photo or image


To do this you need to add ALIGN=LEFT or ALIGN=RIGHT to your image HTML. If you are using Edit.com then simply change the ALIGN option at the bottom of the image popup:

image of screen shot to show where to alter the image alignment

Things to consider
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