Too Many Click Throughs

When building and planning your website consider the amount of click throughs your website visitor will encounter to get to the end result.

Ideally, you should build your website with no more than 4 click through operations to get your website visitors to where they want to be. Get them there as soon as possible - don't give them time to switch off. have put together some simple and effective ideas that may help you guide your visitors to their destination.

Linking Images
If you have a rotating image at the top of your website with key messages, then link those images to the relevant pages in your website.

With special offer images then link that image to the product and buy now section of your website.

Linking pages
Where possible within your website text, link your keywords to relevant sections of your website i.e. if you are a builder and in your home page you have text that contains "conservatories" then link conservatories to your conservatories page.

Make it easier for visitors
In your text where you ask for visitors to "contact us" then link those words to your Contact Us form.


Things to consider
Webpage icon Adding anchor links to your website
Webpage icon Different page layouts
Webpage icon Creating breadcrumbs
Webpage icon Spam Emails