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Enterprise content management

Cloud-based content management that's faster to market, cheaper to run and gives you greater control over your digital products.

Screenshot of Edit in action

Launch early, iterate fast

Our technology gets you live and online in ‘days and weeks not weeks and months’ (said one delighted customer).

One size fits nobody

A suite of tools to support whatever you want to build – tech that moulds around your digital product rather than forcing it to fit.

Be more cost-efficient

Lower your total cost of ownership. Edit is cheaper to build with and less expensive to run, saving you money from day one.

Open source roots

Edit is built with transparency and commitment to open standards – we hate inflexible 'black box' technology.


Edit brings together five years of technical development and over 200 product applications to deliver your perfect CMS. Here’s why you’ll love it:

Workflow that works for your team

Define your ideal editorial workflow, kill parallel work-streams and edit content from anywhere using interfaces developed by writers and editors.

Headless, so you don’t lose your head

Our technology is API-first and headless, separating the way content is stored from how it is presented so you can publish once to any/every device.

Multi-tenancy content management

One CMS instance for each of your sites? No, we have examples of 50+ sites running on one build, saving time and money.

Authors, not data-inputters

Our full-screen markdown editor is intuitive and flexible so you can spend more time creating content than managing it.

Find your content fast

Edit features enhanced article and asset search and filtering to quickly surface archive articles or retrieve images for reuse in new content.

Do clever things with images

Upload hi-res and let Edit adjust on the fly for consumption by different devices, with auto-crop that retains the focal point of your image.

Edita em várias línguas

English not enough for your business on its own? Edit can support multiple languages for both basic translation and page-by-page editing.

Conceived for content, ready for anything

Not a publisher? Doesn’t matter. Edit can help smooth content production for any business, from startup to global retailer.

Enterprise muscle without the fat

Forget months of development and nail-biting deployments, ship your site quickly and painlessly then scale with confidence.

Hefty benefit from lightweight tech

Remove wasted spend on bloated legacy systems – Edit demands less processing power to save on infrastructure costs.

Make your engineers smile

The technology of Edit is open source and built to open standards. Yes, we can build stuff for you – but so can any capable developer.

We can integrate

Deploying Edit doesn’t mean wholesale replacement of what you have. Edit can work alongside legacy systems if you need it to and we can help with any technical integration.

Trusted by hundreds

Edit is built using tech that already drives 200+ global editorial brands

Haymarket Media
Empire Magazine
Kiss Radio