By Paul Regan 18 March 19

Edit and product storytelling

Inventory and checkouts are only half the story for ecommerce platforms – it’s time for a new narrative

The technology of Edit has been used to power digital products for over 200 brands, most of them in the publishing and broadcasting space. But we’ve seen growing demand for retail applications with clients who want a more premium experience for customers.

Edit’s primary function has been to manage content in a manner agnostic of presentation – allowing multiple products to run from a single CMS instance, or to allow greater flexibility in interface design to enrich user experience.

This latter is used with some real design muscle in the shop pages at Monocle.com. It was vital that work to develop an integrated store reflected the magazine’s strong brand values – the product pages work hard to appear more editorial than retail.

The approach can be applied to many a premium digital commerce product, as long as your platform supports it. Many off-the-shelf ecommerce platforms obsess with functionality such as inventory and checkout (where we agree there are huge wins to be had to promote sales and conversion) but editorialising product information and telling visually rich stories is often overlooked.

Edit is content management first, retail second. But it has all the required bells and whistles to run online shops – and is especially well suited to brands with high value or premium products, where customers appreciate a luxury experience in browser (and are moire likely to share beautiful content across social media).

We can help with editorial strategy, be it finding the right brand or product stories to tell or defining a content plan that dovetails with your sales plans. We can also configure Edit to run your digital product with the same marketable visual presence achieved by many of our clients in publishing and broadcasting. Drop us a line to see how we can help.