By Paul Regan 09 May 19

Edit Download Sessions at PPA Festival

We’ve been speaking at the PPA's publishing industry event in London on artificial intelligence, future CMS and blockchain

Edit is conceived as a full stack content management platform for publishers and we are proud to be a technology partner to voice of the industry, the PPA. As part of our role we offer support in digital strategy to its 250+members, so were delighted to have the opportunity to run a series of presentations at the PPA Festival.

We ran three Edit Download Sessions during the day, each a quick-fire overview of a key emerging technology for publishing companies. The first, by our consultant director Paul Regan, covered applications using artificial intelligence: editorial automation, UX optimisation and content personalisation using machine learning.

Next up was Edit’s engineering lead Eduardo Bouças discussing future CMS. His focus was on the merits of headless technology and how it can help with editorial workflow, speed to market, cost efficiency and (most important perhaps!) keeping developers happy.

Finally, CEO of Wirehive and advisor to Edit Robert Belgrave took to the stage to bring clarity to the mystery of blockchain and explain how the technology can be used by publishers. This covered cost-saving hosting solutions, making products faster, building trust in editorial and supporting new revenue streams.

You can download the presentations as PDFs using the links at the bottom of this article, or for more information on any of the topics (or indeed if you’d like to discuss a new project looking to leverage some of the technologies mentioned, either as R&D or otherwise) do please drop us a line.

Download: Edit Download Session: Artificial Intelligence

Download: Edit Download Session: Future CMS

Download: Edit Download Session: Blockchain