By Paul Regan 03 July 19

How’s your workflow?

Is your editorial team free to work as efficiently as possible? Book a session with our team

Your portfolio of digital products may be expanding nicely, but is your back office one step ahead of these changes? A faster editorial workflow means more time for quality content.

We have limited spaces available for Workflow Workshops, a new strategic consultation to help unpick inefficiency in content management and editorial workflow. The sessions are tailored to examine how technology and resource is applied to bring editorial products to life – and offered free to PPA members.

Each consultation is 1-2 hours either over coffee or at your office, and the output is a series of recommendations to bring cost savings, use resource more effectively or simply improve the quality of your product for the end user. Please apply for your session via our contact form.

Want a little flavour of what's covered? Read our four top recommendations for improving editorial workflow. Not a PPA member? Drop us a line to see how we can help.