By Paul Regan 12 February 19

Is your workflow working?

A faster editorial workflow means more time for quality content – here are four key ways to achieve it.

Is your editorial team free to work as efficiently as possible? Your portfolio of digital products may be expanding nicely but is your workflow one step ahead of these changes? Here are four key issues faced by editors, authors, producers and web administrators we’ve worked with while integrating new content management systems:

1. Avoid multiple workstreams

You start with a website. Add a tablet app. Have an awesome idea for mobile. Keeep adding new requirements for syndicated content. The list of digital products grows and with it the workstreams multiply, making inefficient demands on resource. API-first content management and a ‘create once, publish everywhere’ set-up can run multiple digital products from a single CMS workflow, meaning less time wasted on admin and more time for content.

2. Bin inflexible interfaces

Content management systems often try to please all the editors all the time, which forces uncomfortable compromise in most applications. We worked with editors from major global publications to define the interfaces for Edit CMS – they are flexible enough to mould to fit your editorial workflow and feature writing interfaces designed for authors, not data inputters.

3. Don’t stand on toes

It’s not only about editorial staff. Adopting an API-first or microservices platform approach helps manage concurrent workflow between engineers, enabling faster development cycles. This in turn brings new features to editors more quickly – and keeps much of the development work out of the way of editorial teams and the day-to-day content operation of the business.

4. Be digital-first

Is print really your mothership? Or is convention dictating that? Even if it remains a primary revenue stream, check that it’s not starving your websites or apps of resource. The ‘second cousin’ status of your digital product suite may be a self-fulfilling prophecy…

Any of those sound familiar? Contact the Edit team for constructive solutions from consultancy to CMS overhaul. We can help.