By Paul Regan 29 May 19

“We don’t need a new CMS”

Maybe you don’t. But it shouldn’t be your default position – especially when it comes to R&D and innovation

A new content management system can be an oil-tanker decision, we know that. Staring at months of lengthy planning and engineering effort followed by huge disruption to editorial teams can make you think twice, even about big upsides such as more flexibility, smoother workflow and cost savings.

But if your plans for product development always get filed under ‘if only our platform could support that’, maybe it’s time for a rethink.

The temptation at this point is to rattle on about not having to chew everything in one bite. Migration pain can be eased by a phased approach; you can ring fence critical or complex workflow areas to minimise impact on production staff; API-first technology makes it easier for engineers; flexible editorial interfaces are easy to learn…

You’ve heard it all before and still you’re thinking twice. So how about we focus on the biggest casualty of inflexible technology: R&D and innovation?

It’s often precisely because an enterprise CMS is such a big commitment that it has to wrap its fat tentacles around every idea you have. A single platform strategy makes sense for all the big stuff (and yes, before you say it, we have deployed Edit for over 50 different brands at Bauer Media), but if your platform is worth its salt it’ll do the little projects too.

So next time you have a start-up or product idea that wants immediate oxygen, remember that Edit can spin up a project in days (just ask the PPA) – and it'll happily live alongside scary tech that's too big to turn around. Until it's time to replace it altogether…

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