Flexible content management for businesses big and small

Why Edit?

...because you're tired of managing your business website in a million different places. Edit integrates with almost anything, giving you one clean interface to run everything from content management to customer emails. Best of all, it works on any device from mobile app to smart TV.


Launch early, iterate fast

Edit gets you live and online in ‘days and weeks not weeks and months’ (said one delighted customer).


One size fits nobody

Tools to support whatever you want to build – tech that moulds around your digital product rather than forcing it to fit.


Be more cost-efficient

Lower your total cost of ownership. Edit is cheaper to build with and less expensive to run, saving you money from day one.



Edit is API-first and headless – it stores content in a raw format ready to be published to any device your users demand.


Proven at scale

Bauer Media uses our technology to deliver 59 digital products to millions of users – all powered from a single content store.


Future proof

What’s next? AR/VR? Smart watches? Internet of things? Stop worrying – your content is ready for the devices your users buy next.

The important stuff

Edit takes care of the things you shouldn't have to worry about, so you can focus on your business

One-stop shop

Control all aspects of your digital product in one place.

Optimal SEO

Products built with Edit are optimised for SEO out of the box.

Enhanced ecommerce

Edit brings new flexibility and efficiency to online shopping.

Beautiful designs

Edit allows creative freedom for front-end templates.


Power multiple brands/products from a single instance of Edit.

Simplify workflow

Flexible CMS interfaces that adapt to your editorial workflow.

Easy integrations

Edit is API-first and plays nicely with third-party applications.

Asset management

Thinking about print? Edit can store assets for any publication.


Edit provides the optimal balance of performance and cost.

Who’s using Edit?

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